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Lights Out Automation in Excel

Lights out automation in Excel.


Your reports are outdated the instant you hit “Send” in email or “Share” in Excel. Things change. Stuff happens. And what you think is the truth can quickly become anything but.

But what if those reports updated themselves? And then hit "Send" for you?

Yes. Really.

icon_playAnd you can see it happen, live, in this webinar. 

Demonstrations include:

  • Use a trigger to alert the boss when there's bad - or good - news;
  • Transform one worksheet into 4 separate reports;
  • Push last night's flash numbers to a website every morning; and;
  • Set a timer to merge Excel or PDF files based on a due date.

How is this possible? No, it's not magic. But BizBroadcast is pretty close, and it works with any Excel file