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How to Get Great CPA Reporting

Leading technology consultant, Randy Johnson, describes company’s vision and
product roadmap as “brilliant”

DALLAS (May 11, 2010) — BizNet Software, the experts in real-time, Microsoft Excel®-based business
reporting and analytics solutions, was recently cited in The CPA Technology Advisor as "a company to
watch for financial reporting solutions in 2010 and beyond."

Randy Johnson, MCS, MCP, a nationally renowned educator and consultant with over 30 years of
experience in a range of business development disciplines, from strategic technology planning to
accounting software selection, uses his "From the Trenches" column in the April/May 2010 issue of the
publication as a forum for highlighting several key features of the BizNet™ Excel® Business Information
Product Suite and presenting it as an alternative to Microsoft FRx.

The BizNet™ suite consists of three complementary BizNet products: BizInsight™, BizContent™ and
BizBroadcast™. The combined solution offers businesses a one-stop business reporting and analysis
solution for the day-to-day challenges they face in compiling Excel® reports and accessing, analyzing and
distributing data throughout the organization.

Johnson's column, entitled "How to Get Great Reporting", evaluates competing reporting systems on their
ease of use, flexibility and ability to deliver accurate reporting. In it, he describes the BizNet suite's
reporting capabilities as "extremely fast, almost real-time" and notes how easily the suite handles report
distribution. "...[BizNet suite] can solve many problems of the market...Repetitive, elegant reporting is
certainly available with this product today," he writes.

Johnson goes on to outline the 5 primary characteristics of his ideal reporting tool: Report formatting with
Excel; Extreme Repeatability; A Secure and Automated Distribution Mechanism; an Ability to Read and
Transfer Data; and Easy to Use. Using these criteria, he explicitly spotlights BizNet Software, portraying
the company's vision and product roadmap as "brilliant."

"This offering is certainly a viable alternative for FRx users," Johnson writes. "and it shows the promise of
being a general reporting tool beyond the financial reporting that it already does."

BizNet founder and president, George McMann, agrees with the premise of Johnson's column, which is
that accountants and organizations should be focused on analyzing numbers, rather than generating and
formatting reports and views Johnson's opinion as confirmation of BizNet's ability to streamline
organizational workflow and improve productivity. "Mr. Johnson's column is another indication that there is
growing recognition in the marketplace that BizNet is a leader, an innovator and the kind of partner
organizations will want to collaborate with, now and in the future."

BizNet Software®, Inc. (BizNet) builds pre-integrated Excel-based business reporting and analytics
products for the mid-market. Founded in 1996 to take the mystery out of databases, BizNet focuses on
data integration guided by financial and accounting professionals with a real-world understanding of
corporate financial, operational and technical requirements to extract and present data with efficient,
powerful and easy-to-use tools that leverage existing financial and desktop systems. Its flagship product
BizInsight creates a real-time link to business data for dynamic access to the most accurate and current
data in Excel-based spreadsheet reports. Built upon fundamental accounting disciplines and controls,
BizNet solutions create a self-sufficient work environment for professionals that streamlines workflow and
improves productivity. BizNet Software is a privately held company based in Dallas, TX. More information
about the company is available at http://www.biznetsoftware.com.
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