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The Best Excel Add-Ins for Financial Data and Reporting

Excel on its own is an incredibly powerful software that businesses and individuals around the world use on a daily basis to manage large amounts of data. Even on its own, you can get a lot accomplished, but when you throw add-ins into the mix, you can do so much more.

As developers of Excel plugins ourselves, BizNet is continuously testing and trying new add-ins every day. Here are a few of our favorites that we'd recommend for working with financial data.


If you need to boost your productivity when dealing with large amounts of data in Excel, this add-on is perfect! With Power-User you can quickly sort and organize large amounts of data with only a few clicks.

The XY Chart Labeler

If you struggle to accurately label your charts and graphs based on the X and Y axis, this is a great add-in that will allow you more flexibility.

Radial Bar Chart

Want to impress the decision makers with a colorful and unique chart? The Radial Bar Chart is the perfect combination of a pie chart and bar graph. Give it a try and bring your financial data to life.

DataPig Technologies Dashboard Tools

Dashboards are a great way to track and manage your KPIs in real time. While creating your custom dashboard is pretty straightforward, you might find that you would like more stylized graphs and charts. The DataPig Technologies dashboard add-in for Excel will provide you with more flexibility with a collection of premade graphs and charts.

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Finally, our innovative Excel plugin is an excellent addition if you feel like you spend too much time validating your financial data. On average, our customers can save 16 hours per month and their data is much more accurate because of our products. If you feel like you need to improve efficiency and could use an extra 16 hours a month, try a demo today!