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ERP Step Allocation in Excel - Powered by BizNet Software

ERP Step Allocation in Excel - Powered by BizNet Software.

Allocating costs by location, department, project or fund can be as much an art as science.  This is often further complicated by the fact that many ERP systems don't provide a way to automate the process.  So, that generally means it's back to export-import, copy-and-paste in Microsoft Excel.


See how BizNet Software makes ERP step allocation better in Excel by replaying this informative webinar in the BizNet Video Center.  You'll see how BizConnectors eliminate the need to go searching for data and how BizInsight - the flagship reporting and analysis solution - can help establish both the basis and pool accounts for allocation.  Demonstration highlights follow.

Allocation to projects by number of transactions: The simplest scenario, but still a powerful solution with the BizNet Excel Suite.

Resolving unallocated amounts by department:  BizConnectors and BizInsight do a great job of finding data that meets specific criteria.  They also uncover data that doesn't meet required patterns, and that's the situation resolved in this demonstration.

Automating allocations generated from dynamic lists of variables:  Excel does a great job of structuring data in fixed columns and rows.  But what happens when the number of rows expand and contract dynamically?  This featured demonstration combines dynamic BizConnector data tables with BizInsight SuperFunctions to deliver a powerful solution.

Plus, you'll get a sneak preview of BizNet's forthcoming BizInsight v 7.2!