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Case Study: QAD User, Miramar Labs Saves a Day Every Month with BizInsight

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some of these stellar performances and share insight about howMiramar Labs
BizNet has partnered with them to help make their business even better.

Miramar labs is a Santa Clara, California-based, privately-owned medical device company dedicated to launching next generation energy modality to treat dermatologic conditions medical device company.

Their corporate controller was frustrated with the counterproductive and unattractive reporting process she and her team suffered through with their previous ERP solution. It took them days just to input the data, and by the time they were ready to begin analyzing it, the information was already outdated.

In 2012, they turned to BizNet and began integrating reporting processes with BizInsight for their QAD ERP system.

The team saw an immediate improvement in their productivity-- saving a full day of manpower each month. Additionally, they can send each member of the sales team private, individualized reports with the click of a button using BizBroadcast, providing unprecedented insight to help them be successful as possible.

"Both time and money have been saved, and we are able to actually use the information to make informed decisions for the company," said Joan Caldwell, corporate controller, Miramar Labs.

For additional insight about how Miramar Labs benefits from BizNet Software, learn more here.

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