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Crystal Reports vs. BizNet Software | See the difference in your reports

BizInsight vs. Crystal Reports – Comparison


icon_playBizInsight is definitely the new kid on the block compared to Crystal Reports, but spend just a few moments watching this webinar in the BizNet Software Video Center and we’re confident you’ll see that it stacks up quite nicely.

The webinar features demonstrations from both Crystal and BizInsight, and focuses on several key comparisons.

  • Accessing Your Data: How do you get to the expanding amount of data now available?  Crystal provides a myriad of options, but you can use the same methods to make data useable to BizInsight in Excel.  Plus, the new BizConnectors provide direct links to both GL and operational data.
  • Ease of Use: Does the solution require a specialist with a lot of training, or can someone with average to intermediate skills build out a report?  In just a few minutes, BizInsight produced a report tracking sales activity by the value, number, and average size of transactions.
  • Accuracy:  How hard is it to validate the numbers?  Drill downs are the answer, with examples presented from both Crystal and BizInsight.

And make sure to stay until the Q&A session for additional details.  For example, can BizInsight be used to create reports that update dynamically when the underlying data changes?  Does BizInsight work with operational data in addition to GL?  Is Crystal or some other product required to pull data before it can be used in BizInsight?

Hint: The answers are yes, yes and no.