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BizInsight for Intacct - New Features

BizInsight for Intacct got a face lift!


  1. BizInsight for Intacct on V7 Platform


Completely re-designed user interface for Intacct and updates.

2. Smart Cache Management in Local Service


BizInsight service significantly improves the refresh time to return data and the time to process the data in Excel. The increase in performance during the refresh of a workbook derives from a new control cache management process. The data returned in stored in the local computer and the refresh checks the data timestamp and evaluates the last time the data was refreshed and the new data stored in the database.

The service is content ERP specific on how the refresh returns the data. In some cases, the refresh returns the delta between the data stored on the local computer and the new data in located in the datasource and returns only the new changes. In other situations, the datasource does not contain information to detect the difference, so the data stored locally is removed and the entire data cache is returned. E.g. Intacct Cloud database contains a WHENMODIFIED status in some tables to identify the delta for the service to return only new data rows.

Serialized to Disk is a concept when the returned data is stored from memory to the local disk in the computer. When a user refreshes a workbook for the very first time, the service stores all data caches into memory. During the close of Excel, the service converts the data caches into disk; the next time the same data caches are requested in Excel, the serialized data is de-serialized into memory and the refresh of the workbook occurs within the computer. No requests are attempting connection to the datasource outside the local computer within the refresh time allotment. If the refresh is beyond the refresh time interval, the service follows the logic refresh and delta.


Users have more control to prevent the service from connecting to the datasource for data that may not change. In the details of the data cache, the user can change the "Check for new Data" from YES to NO.  This will notify the service to skip the refresh command for the specific data cache.


Data cache interval can be modified to fit the user's preference. In View Data ribbon button or in the navigation pane Settings - Preference, the user can make adjustments to the refresh interval.


Users can right-click on a Super function to determine two new pieces of information.


A. "How old is this data?" returns the timestamp of the data.


B. "Refresh selected data NOW!" refreshes the data caches associated to the function. This option ignores the data cache setting in "Check for new Data=NO". Users are prompted for two further options:

  • Let BizInsight refresh formulas - after the refresh of the data caches, all functions associated to the data caches are refreshed. This option ensures the accuracy of the values displayed in the workbook.
  • Refresh formulas manually - after the refresh of the data caches, only the selected function is refreshed with the new data. The user will need to manually click "Refresh Workbooks" to refresh the entire workbook to display the updated values.


3. Dynamic Table


The feature allows tables to dynamically change when a new filter value is provided in the cell. Users can quickly change the filter values and refresh the table to return new data with the new filter values. The expression syntax is inserted a row about the table.


4. Create Expressions


The expression mode enables a user to write logical expressions based on fixed values, logical operations, and functions. Expressions bridges the gap between typical operations available through “Operator Inference” and the more advanced expression syntax commonly known as “Complex Ranges”. Please refer to the Expression documentation for further details.e.g. ="


  • @ represents a required filter (parameter)
  • # represents an optional filter (parameter)

5. Check for Updates

When installing version 1.5, the content installer will prompt to check for newer content and applications. The Check for Updates button is also integrated into the content installer.


Checking for update on Production retrieves the most stable build. Checking on Beta may be less stable.



Check for Updates requires the download of FreshBiz (Update Engine).


Depending if you select Production or Beta, a message displays if no new updates are available or automatically updates the necessary content or applications in the content installer.

No New Updates

6. Application Settings in BizInsight Query


Refresh Desktop Cache twice is only for users who drag and drop a table and then recommit the same table into Excel cache. This setting forces the Refresh Workbook to refresh twice to sync the table, Excel table, Excel cache, and functions in the workbook.
Sync Now button syncs any local data in the workbook that has been cached, without performing all the function calculations which can take a while to calculate the workbook.

7. Support Tools in About


Allow minutes for Cache Interval allows the user to set the refresh Smart cache interval to minutes.

Hide Submit Workbook is to hide the ribbon button next to the Restart Service ribbon button. Submit workbook feature will be fully documented and supported in future Intacct builds beyond version 1.5.