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The Best Sage 500 Reporting Application Just Got Better

The best Sage reporting application just got better, with the BizInsight Excel Suite version 7.


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  • Connect directly to Sage 500 data with BizConnectors;
  • Create reports and analyze business information with BizInsight, and;
  • Automate your Excel business reporting with BizBroadcast

It’s all about answering business questions … quickly.

Hundreds of pre-built BizConnectors deliver drag-and-drop access to Sage 500 GL, AR-AP, purchase and sales orders, inventory and project management data.  But this isn’t just a raw data dump.  A powerful, intuitive Query Editor gets you closer to the answers, faster than ever before … even if the numbers are scattered across several business systems.

BizConnectors let you consolidate information from a variety of sources in the same Excel worksheet … and update it automatically.  No problem if some of the data is in an ERP or CRM system, a database or the cloud. You can integrate information from Sage 500 and any source that can be imported into Excel … and, you can mix and match as needed, eliminating the repetitive, manual process of cut and paste.

customqueriesThe amount or even the quality of data doesn’t determine business success.  Making better decisions does, and that’s a job for BizInsight -- the BizNet Software flagship application that is now in its seventh generation.

BizInsight is a reporting and analytics solution for every aspect of your business.  You can report the numbers with confidence -- and change the department, location or reporting period as easily as choosing from a drop-down list.  And since no one knows your business better than you, BizInsight provides a no-code solution for custom analysis.

Updates are a snap with BizInsight.  And drill down details are just a right-click away when you need to know the numbers behind the numbers.

BizInsight 7 is easier to use than ever before.  You can save and re-use custom BizInsight superfunctions, tables … even data validation lists.  BizNet’s world class in-memory analytics engine just got better, too … allowing you to choose which data to keep in memory and refresh only what’s needed when finalizing your reports.

Sometimes it can seem like sending reports takes longer than creating them. Not anymore.

BizBroadcast automates the process of sending anything that’s in Excel … or even in PDF, for that matter.  BizBroadcast is tightly integrated with Outlook and allows you to send hundreds of reports in a variety of formats … with just the click of a mouse … to email, network, web and cloud addresses.

There’s no need to manually create a copy for each audience and then send the files one at a time.  BizBroadcast does it for you, sending multiple views in multiple formats using a pre-built Excel template.  There’s even a new option to publish directly to the web.

Communication and collaboration have never been so straightforward.

Connect, analyze and share business information with the BizInsight Excel Analytics Suite.  From BizNet Software … we make Excel better.