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Biznet Software Blog

Our dedicated team of self-proclaimed software geeks and creative nerds have come together in BizBlog to offer advice, how-to’s and insights into our products and beyond. Oh, and maybe some stuff about Excel.

Give Thanks for Great Reporting

The BizNet Excel Suite is a business reporting and analytics platform that provides real time access to your business data from Microsoft Excel, creating...

Tech Tip Thursday- Working with Excel's WORKDAY Function

Working with Excel's WORKDAY Function

Many business professionals use Excel as a tool to assist in scheduling and project management. One very useful...

Wednesday Pinsday: Gearing Up for 2014 - Microsoft's Cloud Tech Update

BizNet Software Excel Tip & Trick Series - #10 The Power of F4: Absolute, Row and Column References

The Power of F4

Most every BizNet Software demo uses F4 to create absolute, row or column anchoring at some time or another.

Dynamics SL Users: Stop Copying, Pasting, and Reformatting in Excel

Easily Calculate Your Customer Sales or Payables With Real Time Reporting

BizNet Software uses the power of Excel to create reports for Dynamics SL users...

Friday Funny Series - Sign #2 You Need Better Business Reporting

Your data warehouse has more terabytes than users.

BizNet Software Excel Tip & Trick Series - #9 Creating Dynamic Reports

BizNet Software's Tip & Trick Series #9

Creating Dynamic Reports


BizNet Software Launches Real Time Excel Reporting for Infor ERP SyteLine

SyteLine Users Leverage Pre-Built Functions and Analysis for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable

BizNet Offers Excel-Based Cloud Reporting and Analytics

New to Cloud Reporting? Let BizNet Software help you! 


BizNet Software Excel Tip & Trick Series #8 - Altering Analysis Set List Structure


BizNet Software Tips & Tricks Series #7 - Actual vs. Forecast


Switching to The Cloud - An Introduction

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