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Top 4 Life Changing Excel Tips | BizNet Software

4 Excel Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner


  1. Create a New Shortcut Menu in Excel

    There are three shortcuts in the top menu, Save, Undo Tying and Repeat Typing. If you want to use more shortcuts, like Copy and Cut, you can do the following:
    File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar, add Cut and Copy from the left column to the right and save. You will see two new shortcuts added in the top menu.


  2. Shift Between Different Excel Files in Excel

    When you have multiple spreadsheets open, it can be difficult to shift back and forth. Using Ctrl + Tab, you can shift between different files freely.

  3. Vague Search with Wild Card in Excel

    Using the shortcut Ctrl + F, there are two main wild cards - Question Mark and Asterisk - to activate a vague search. These are used when you are not sure about the target result. Question Mark stand for one character and Asterisk represents one or more characters. What if you need to search Question Mark and Asterisk as a target result? Don't forget add a Wave Line in front!

  4. Render Data from a Row to a Column in Excel

    This feature is used when you want to render data to get a better display without retyping all the data. Copy the area you want to render, move the pointer to another blank location. Go to Home>Paste>Transpose, note this function won't activate until you copy the data first




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