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Avoid the Excelapalooza Price Increase

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
August 17, 2016

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Microsoft Excel Product Team Joins Excelapalooza

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
August 10, 2016

Excelapalooza Just Got Even Better: Microsoft's Renu Devi to Take Keynote Stage

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Topics: BizNet Software, Biz|Blog~, excel training, Excel User Conference, Excelapalooza, Microsoft Excel

The Cloud Comes to Excel With BizInsight for Aplicor

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
May 17, 2016

The cloud comes to Excel with BizInsight for Aplicor, the reporting and analysis solution that directly integrates Aplicor cloud data with Excel on the desktop.

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Topics: Aplicor, BizInsight, BizNet Software, Biz|Blog~, Cloud, Excel Analytics, Excel reporting, Microsoft Excel

BizBroadcast is Now Office 2016 Compatible + New Features and Enhancements

Posted by Art Simmons |
February 01, 2016

BizBroadcast 2.2.3 Office 2016 Compatibility Update Now Available!

BizBroadcast 2.2.3 with Microsoft Office 2016 compatibility is now available for download from the customer portal. Along with the Office 2016 compatibility, the 2.2.3 release of BizBroadcast contains one major change in the load behavior that we strong advise you to read about in the "BizBroadcast 2.2.3 Release Notes" found in the "BizBroadcast Documentation" zip file on the BizNet Customer Portal.

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Topics: BizBroadcast, Biz|Blog~, Excel business reporting, Microsoft Excel, office 2016, report distrubution

Microsoft Excel Is The Systems "Integrator"

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
January 29, 2016
How often do you use Excel to consolidate and analyze data from more than one system?
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Topics: Big Data in Excel, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Data Consolidation, Excel Data in Cloud, Microsoft Excel

Export-Import; Cut-And-Paste to Excel? Finally, You Can Cut It Out

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
August 13, 2015

Almost everyone exports and imports data to Microsoft Excel; or worse yet, copies and pastes. 

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Topics: Analytics, BizNet Software, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Cloud Computing, Excel business reporting, Microsoft Excel

BizInsight Desktop Edition - Change The Game

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
March 23, 2015

Ahh springtime, when statistically-minded individuals turn their thoughts toward . . . baseball.  BizInsight Desktop Edition can help them literally change the game when it comes to "what if" analysis -- in baseball, and in business reporting.

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Topics: Analytics, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Microsoft Excel

BizNet SuperFunction Appears @ SXSW

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
March 18, 2015

BizNet SuperFunction made a rare public appearance at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, but he's learning to handle all the hype that comes with being an Excel Superhero.

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Topics: BizInsight Desktop Edition, BizNet SuperFunction, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Microsoft Excel

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