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ERP Step Allocation in Excel - Powered by BizNet Software

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
June 30, 2016

ERP Step Allocation in Excel - Powered by BizNet Software.

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Microsoft Excel Is The Systems "Integrator"

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
January 29, 2016
How often do you use Excel to consolidate and analyze data from more than one system?
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Topics: Big Data in Excel, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Data Consolidation, Excel Data in Cloud, Microsoft Excel

Connect Your Blackbaud World to Excel

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
October 26, 2015

Connect your Blackbaud world to Excel with the BizNet Software Analytics Suite for Financial Edge and Raiser's Edge.

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Topics: Big Data in Excel, BizBroadcast, BizConnect, BizInsight, BizNet Software, Blackbaud, Biz|Blog~, Business Analytics, Business Reporting, Financial Edge, Raiser's Edge

Export-Import; Cut-And-Paste to Excel? Finally, You Can Cut It Out

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
August 13, 2015

Almost everyone exports and imports data to Microsoft Excel; or worse yet, copies and pastes. 

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Topics: Analytics, BizNet Software, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Cloud Computing, Excel business reporting, Microsoft Excel

BizNet Software Introduces Excel Reporting Against Cloud Data with XL Connect Cloud Edition

Posted by Art Simmons |
May 19, 2015

BizNet Software, Inc., experts and global leaders in real time, Microsoft Excel®-based business reporting and analytics solutions, today announced its release of XL Connect Cloud Edition, a reporting solution for users of Epicor Cloud ERP. Epicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality and services industries.

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Topics: Business Reporting, epicor, Epicor reporting, Excel business reporting, Biz|Press~, reporting for epicor, XL Connect

BizInsight Desktop Edition - Change The Game

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
March 23, 2015

Ahh springtime, when statistically-minded individuals turn their thoughts toward . . . baseball.  BizInsight Desktop Edition can help them literally change the game when it comes to "what if" analysis -- in baseball, and in business reporting.

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Topics: Analytics, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Microsoft Excel

BizNet SuperFunction Appears @ SXSW

Posted by Floyd Stanley |
March 18, 2015

BizNet SuperFunction made a rare public appearance at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, but he's learning to handle all the hype that comes with being an Excel Superhero.

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Topics: BizInsight Desktop Edition, BizNet SuperFunction, Biz|Blog~, Business Reporting, Microsoft Excel

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