Reduce the time your company spends updating spreadsheets by 80%

Create reports
in Excel
Make decisions
based on
up to date
Always work
with the
most current
Send 100's
of reports
with one
Take a Tour. See the BizNet Excel Suite.Take a Tour. See the BizNet Excel Suite.
The BizNet Suite.<br />Driven by Excel.The BizNet Suite.
Driven by Excel.
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George is the CEO of a major company.

George’s problems:

  • Waits too long for company reports
  • Wants to cut down reporting platforms
  • Needs accurate, up to date reports


The BizNet Excel Suite

  • Get reports 80% faster
  • Accurate reports created from up-to-the minute data
  • Send multiple reports with one click

Pat manages IT for the company.

His issues:

  • Duplicity of reporting programs makes support cumbersome
  • Data consolidation requires extra manpower
  • Data access requires extra support and supervision


The BizNet Excel Suite

  • Rolls reporting solutions into one
  • Data consolidation for reporting is eliminated
  • Data access is immediate and requires no support

Ted builds financial reports.

Ted has some issues:

  • Creating reports takes too long (up to 12 hours per month)
  • He constantly has to check numbers
  • He spends a lot of time answering questions about his reports


The BizNet Excel Suite

  • Reports can be created in 80% less time
  • Numbers are always up to the minute
  • Better reporting means less questions